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Design and functionality

The clear use of form, simple handling and ultra-lightweight materials used define MAX as a multifunctional object.


Weighing just 890 grams, MAX is one of the lightest seats in the world. Made of an ultra-light aluminium sandwich panel and a magnet.

MATERIAL: sandwich panel made from matt aluminium with a polypropylene core, 1.2 millimetres thick

Space saving

MAX is economical. When it is folded together, it measures 335 × 450 × 18 millimetres – not much bigger than a desktop paper tray. A stack of five MAX seats is only nine centimetres tall. A MAX seat requires almost no space and easily fits in your cabin baggage. You can also easily store 10 MAX seats – ready for your next event or gathering. Your guests won’t be left looking for a seat any longer.


A single MAX seat is pretty useful. Several together offer endless possibilities such as seating groups, tables, room dividers or benches. Quickly assembled and easily disassembled and stored when they are no longer ­needed.