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Your helpful COMPANION

Good thing MAX is there! Because MAX makes life more comfortable. Whether as a seat, little table or display unit, MAX helps people in many different situations.


Wherever a lot of people come together, they need a place to sit down or store things now and again. MAX is the right choice for events and presentations in schools, museums, businesses and communities. Between events, MAX hardly takes up any storage space. But when you need it, you can set it up in next to no time.

for outdoors

MAX is weather-resistant, easy to transport and offers many convenient uses. MAX’ aluminium surface makes it the ideal outdoor companion.

on the go

MAX fits into cabin baggage for air travel. That is convenient because MAX is the ideal travel companion. You can always keep this lightweight with minimal volume ready in your car boot – and not just when you go on holiday. MAX is the compact seat, table or display unit you need in a variety of situations.